Holidays and breaks are fun and necessary but then it is helpful for me to get “back on track.”

Last night, I was only able to sleep for 6 hours.  I was “burning the midnight oil.” I normally need 8 hours to stay healthy so tonight I’m going to go to bed at 10 pm instead of midnight.

I had “a lot of catching up to do” so it was okay to stay up late one night but I know that if I do it again, I’m jeopardizing my health and could get sick.  

I put three phrases above in quotation marks because these are common expressions that we use in English that are either idioms or phrases that are important to learn.  The words by themselves would not give you the same meaning.

For example, “catching up” is an example of a phrasal verb. It means to finish some things that I have left undone.

That is not even one of the definitions in this list of meanings for this common phrasal verb. 

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