How often do you recommend a book to your friends? The life-changing magic of tidying up – the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo is one that comes up again and again in conversation.  In America, we seem to acquire way more things than we need. Apparently, it’s becoming a problem in Japan, too.

I listened to this book on a CD while on a long drive. It kept me entertained and inspired to go home and begin the decluttering process all over again.  The last time I did this was after my parents passed away and my sisters and I had to clean out their house.  (As hard as this was, it was also one of the strangest and funniest weeks of my life. If you like my stories, you might ask me about it sometime.) Shortly thereafter, I vowed that I would declutter my own house before I died.

Because I was driving, I didn’t take any notes so I was glad to find a book review that covered the main points after I returned home. I recommend it to you if you don’t have time to read the whole book or if you are just curious.

To assist you in reading it, I have prepared a list of vocabulary words and short definitions, a list of interesting phrases or phrasal verbs, and some conversation questions.  You can download the free guide here.


Here is another opportunity to listen to short audio files and write down what you hear. Then you can compare it to the transcript and discover how American speech is different from the written word.  There are four parts to this series called “The Rescue.”