Forget about boring textbooks.

Improve your English using a real-life story from the Camino Portugués!

I wrote this 100-page book for English Language Learners who enjoy travel and hiking, or anyone interested in walking at least 100 km to Santiago to receive a Compostela, or certificate of completion. It’s also a real-life story of personal growth and transition after overcoming anxiety and depression.

Profits from the sale of the book will be donated to organizations working to educate people of all ages about mental health and emotional resiliency.

The Appendix includes English and Spanish glossaries.

You can buy the paperback and ebook on Amazon or wherever books are sold. A pdf version of the book and the companion workbook are available on Gumroad.

Interested in learning Spanish?
Communicate with the locals.

If you are considering a walk on the Camino Portugués, Camino Frances, Camino Inglés, or any of the Camino segments in Spain, I highly recommended learning some Spanish.

I’m grateful to Maria Seco at Spanish for the Camino for her help with my book and also for helping to prepare me for my walk.

Combine her workbooks with a course or online lessons and you’ll have Spanish vocabulary and expressions specific to the Camino experience.

In my guest post, Conversations on the Camino, you can find a few helpful conversation starters in English and in Spanish.

*I am an affiliate so if you purchase any of her workbooks by linking on the images below, I will receive a small commission. It won’t cost you anything extra.