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I recommend spending at least 10-20 minutes a day listening, writing, reading and/or speaking.

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  • Download the workbook and the lesson guide (transcript is included). Preview the vocabulary, expressions and transcript. (key vocabulary and phrases are in bold)
  • Listen to the podcast episode 1-2 times.
  • Review the vocabulary and transcript to make sure you understand everything.
  • Make a note of vocabulary and expressions that you would use in your native language.
  • Answer the conversation questions in writing.
  • Record yourself reading your answers.
  • Send me your writing and audio via email. Within a few days, I will send you feedback. (I will also check your workbook entries, if you like)
  • Try shadowing. That means follow the speaker very carefully and try to say the words and phrases out loud at the same time. This helps with pronunciation, word and syllable stress, and intonation.
  • Keep a notebook where you can write a short summary of what you heard. Put the ideas into your own words. Try using some of the new vocabulary and expressions.
  • Send me feedback about how to improve the workbook. If the program helped you, a testimonial will help others decide if they want to try it, too.
  • Select another podcast episode you’d like to work on. Let me know and I’ll send you another workbook. Repeat.

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